For many people, taking prescription drugs is more than a daily routine; it is a vital part of their health and safety. Despite their importance, prescription drugs are often extremely expensive, especially for those who take them every day.

Our discount prescription plan is included as part of the Lifestyle Program and is designed to help you get the medications you need at extreme savings.

Our network includes over 47,000 pharmacies nationwide. If you can’t find a pharmacy located conveniently for you, you can use our national mail order pharmacy that ships top quality prescriptions anywhere in the country at the same discounted prices you would receive at your neighborhood pharmacy.

We have negotiated special deals with all of our participating pharmacies. If any of their prescription drugs are offered at a special sale price to the general public, you are guaranteed to be eligible for that lower price.

Automatically receive reduced rates


Our network includes of over 47,000 pharmacies


No forms to fill out


No expensive deductibles


Absolutely no waiting! 

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Lifestyle Program

Brings together an exciting collection of programs at substantial savings.

You can enroll by credit card and be covered today. You can also pay by check or money order by calling 1.800.525.9313. Monthly payments are also available.

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