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How long has that pesky tooth been bothering you? Do you remember the last time your kids went to the dentist for a cleaning? Does it seem impossible to find an affordable dental plan? If you can relate to these types of questions, you are not alone. You are simply one of the millions of Americans who cannot afford quality dental care.

When you purchase one of our dental plans, you are instantly covered. We provide each of our members a membership card with their name, plan type, and member number. Once you have chosen a dentist from our network, you simply show up for your appointment, show your card, and receive discounted dental care.

Automatically receive reduced rates


No forms to fill out


No expensive deductibles


Absolutely no waiting! 

Coverage is Immediate, Enroll Today

Dental Plan
from 109.00

The Premiere Dental Plan Backed by Over 25 Years of Service.
Save up to 60% or more on any and all dental procedures. Single, couple and family coverage available.

With our nationwide add-on you can access a dentist anywhere in the United State through the Aetna Dental Network.

You can enroll by credit card and be covered today. You can also pay by check or money order by calling 1.800.525.9313. Monthly payments are also available.

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