Discount Dental Plans Offer Quality Care at Affordable Cost

Plan Gives Benefit Whether You Have Dental Insurance Or Not

It might not always seem obvious, but dental health is essential to overall good health. You look and feel better with a healthy smile. When your teeth are healthy, you are able to eat without problems.

If you lack adequate dental insurance, consider getting a discount dental plan from Dental Call. Discounted dental plans can help you maintain good oral hygiene at an affordable cost. With Dental Call, you can receive quality care from our network of more than 3,500 participating dental care professionals.

We offer the best discount dental plan by helping you pay for the full range of general and specialist services, whether or not you have dental insurance. Dental Call works in conjunction with most insurance plans, or as a backup for services not adequately covered by insurance, to give you the best dental benefits.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important to overall good health and well-being. If you fail to practice good oral hygiene – including having regular dental checkups and cleanings – you may experience any number of dental and medical problems, including gum disease, infections and cavities.

Failing to receive regular dental care can also be costly if you miss work because of pain or illness related to poor oral hygiene.

So do practice good oral hygiene, but don’t pay full price for dental work. By using a discounted dental plan from Dental Call, you’ll get the best dental benefits while saving much more money than it costs to buy the plan.

Our plans are available to anyone who needs primary or supplemental dental coverage. Our clients include the self-employed and workers who are under-insured. We even help employees with health insurance if their employer provides medical coverage but not dental coverage.

Call us today at 1-800-525-9313 to learn how health plans from Dental Call can help you stay healthy and save money. That’s something to smile about.


Legal note: DentalCALL and other DBC plans are not insurance plans.

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