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See what just a few of DentaCALL's satisfied members have to say:



I have been a member with DentalCALL since 1998. All of my family has had
work done at DentalCALL’s low, low prices. If they weren’t as low as they are,
we probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Now that my husband and I are
older, we decided to look into dentures. We both got them for an incredibly low
rate. We would have spent 3 times as much for the both of us. I am completely
satisfied and recommend that everyone try this plan on for size! The amount of
customer service that we received was phenomenal!
Most humbly yours,
Annie B. - Toms River, NJ


We have been members for over 5 years and we have told all our friends about it.
The savings are unbelievable and has allowed us to get work done that we would
not have been able to afford without this plan. It’s been truly a life savior!
Michael and Debbie M. from Newark, NJ


I recently enrolled me and my family into DentalCALL because my dentist had
recommended this plan to us. My youngest son needed braces and DentalCALL is
saving us over $3,000 just on the orthodontic work! My agent with DentalCALL
was so helpful in explaining everything to me. She even instructed me on how
to use DentalCALL with my existing insurance so we would save the maximum
amount of money on all our dental services. I would recommend this plan to
anyone with or without existing insurance to help them save the most amount of
Kathleen F. – Staten Island, NY



I love DentalCALL’s referral program. Many thanks for the 2 months extension of
my membership. It’s my pleasure to bring others into your program.
Most Sincerely,
Caroline from Hampton, NJ



I was very pleased with the cooperation from my agent. She called my dentist and
the oral surgeon to ensure that my appointments went smoothly. It was very worth
my while and I recommend this plan to anyone.
Debbie S. -Brick, NJ



I am considered a “SNOW BIRD”. For 6 months out of the year I am in Florida, the
other 6 months in New Jersey. I was so pleased that I could use my plan in both
states. Since having DentalCALL, I had extractions and implants. The work I had
done would have cost me almost $20,000. DentalCALL saved me almost $7,000.
This is a plan that I trust and with my agent I know that I will receive the best
service for my dollar.
Thank you
Doris J. –Whiting, NJ



When my mother moved to New Jersey, she couldn’t speak any English. I called
DentalCALL and she was able to speak an agent that knew our language. I was
happy that she could understand the plan and get enrolled right away. Her agent
even set her up with a dentist that spoke her language as well. You can’t get
any better than that, to get enrolled immediately and know you have people that
understand you!
Thank you DentalCALL!
From my mother Rosa –Passaic, NJ