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About 20.8 percent of all adults, approximately 45.3 million people, smoke cigarettes in America. And of all those people, it's likely that most of them don't know the harmful effects that smoking has on their teeth. If you are one of these 45.3 million people that smokes in our country today, consider getting more educated about one of the more overlooked health hazards involved with smoking. Your teeth are the signature of your smile, the communicator of what mood you're in, and the best indicator of how well you take care of yourself--they shouldn't be mistreated just because they are small and seemingly indestructible.

Undoubtedly, the best thing to do for your teeth and for your health is to quit smoking. But this can sometimes be a long and arduous process, so in the meantime, look into getting yourself some discount medical coverage. When you are the proud owner of a discount health coverage plan, you can undo the damage that years of smoking has caused to those once-pearly whites of yours.

Smoking cigarettes is also a more common habit among those who live below the poverty level. Approximately 30.6 percent of adults living below poverty in our country smoke cigarettes, but this doesn't mean that they should go without some form of health coverage. There are many discount medical coverage plans available all over the country, and getting yourself covered could mean fixing health problems both now and in the future.

Unfortunately, health insurance is expensive these days, and with all that is going on in the White House regarding a universal health care system, who knows when you'll be able to get the discount dental plan your teeth really need? Discount medical coverage is the proactive, take-charge kind of answer to the uncertainty of health care in this country, as well as part of the solution to many problems your smoking habit may have caused.


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