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Selecting a PA dental plan isn’t much different than selecting a dental plan anywhere else.  Of course, there are various insurance companies indigenous to Pennsylvania, but for the most part, they provide the same service.  Pennsylvania, like everywhere else, generally offers 3 different types of dental plans. Basically, the three types of PA dental plans you’ll have to choose from are PPO, DHMO, and Discount.  The first two—PPO and DHMO—are dental insurance plans.  Discount is, well, exactly what it sounds like—a discount dental plan.  Let’s take a look at these different options.

PPO dental plans resemble PPO health plans.  This type of PA dental plan will have an annual deductible, an annual maximum, benefit percentage for each of the three levels (preventative, basic and major) and a network of doctors.  Advantages of this plan include the in-network discounts, out-of-network coverage, and a higher benefit level for preventative services.  However, annual deductibles and annual maximums can cause this PA dental plan to be financially constricting. DHMO dental plans resemble the old HMO health plans. Like the PPO dental plans, this PA dental plan has annual deductibles and usually a fee for service schedule and a network of doctors.  The downside to this plan is, again, facing new annual deductibles and no out-of-network coverage.

You can also opt for a discount PA dental plan. Unlike PPO and DHMO plans, a discount dental plan is not insurance.  However, it is a PA dental plan that most find affordable and convenient.  With a discount dental plan you face no deductibles, no waiting periods, and no annual maximums.  Furthermore, they’re a PA dental plan that’s very inexpensive.  You simply go to a network dentist and he provides you the dental service at a set fee or discount percentage.  Also, even though you pay a set fee, some discount dental plans offer free exams and free bitewing x-rays.

Legal note: DentalCALL and other DBC plans are not insurance plans.

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