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Even though a lot of individuals rely solely on their job to provide them with dental and health benefits, there are still a large majority of people who need to purchase NC dental plans on their own. A dental plan that is readily affordable and available to everyone is a necessity for those who live in North Carolina.

NC dental plans generally focus on two major points of care: preventative and restorative care. Preventative dental care encompasses regular checkups and cleanings, while the concept of restorative dental care addresses procedures such as extractions, cavity fills, etc. Although they are highly related (a great daily system for preventative care serves as a safeguard against the need for intense restorative procedures such as tooth removal, cavities, etc.), NC dental plans might have different options available, so it is important to figure out ahead of time exactly what is covered in relation to preventative and restorative care.

What everyone needs to look for when checking out NC dental plans is a plan that can help them in the long run, while providing great care for as minimal of a deductible as possible. Check over every section of literature that a dental plan offers; each NC dental plan offers different values in terms of how much they charge per month, what the deductibles are and what they cover.

Also consider these questions when choosing between different NC dental plans:

  • How much of a deductible will you have to pay before your NC dental plan begins to step in and address the situation?
  • Is there a maximum amount that these NC dental plans will pay towards a service performed on you or a member of your family? What if you need to be put under for a dental procedure, will they cover anesthesia?
  • Finally, do these NC dental plans cover preexisting conditions? This is extremely important, especially if you or a member of your family has had continual problems and medical issues with their teeth.

Legal note: DentalCALL and other DBC plans are not insurance plans.

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