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Individual dental plans from DentalCall are here for the Americans who are not too excited by the prospect of Gingivitis being something they have to live with.

Gingivitis is the response of the gum to an injury that is caused in the gum surface by plaque. Plaque, which is bacteria that normally lives in our mouth, can become out of control when there is an excess of left over food substances on which it can snack. Left over food turns into gelatinous sacks, which leak little bits of acid. Plaque, and the acid from these sacks, create tiny lesions in the gum line. The body, sensing the injury, sends extra blood and fluid to the gums, which cause swelling, and, subsequently, discomfort and pain. If this occurs long enough, eventually the plaque and acid will eat away at the connective tissue attachment of the tooth to the gum.

After that, it will eat away at the tooth and bone. If the plaque bacteria stays up under the gum, irritating your gums for long enough, it might form a protective shell around itself, called tartar or calculus. Once this protective shell is formed, the plaque is significantly more challenging to remove.

The way to correct Gingivitis is to regularly see a dental specialist for cleaning, to eat less sugar, to brush your teeth every meal, and to floss twice daily. With one of our many individual dental plans, regularly seeing a dentist is as easy as going to the post office. Nobody wants to have gingivitis because it is a terribly uncomfortable oral affliction that can lead to many other oral complications, such as tooth decay. Tooth decay can lead to the ever-unfortunate root canal. Take a couple moments check out our site, and learn about our many dental coverage opportunities.


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