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A Good Idea Whether Or Not Your County Adds Fluoride To Your Drinking Water

Many counties in the United States add fluoride to the public water supply. These counties, which make up between 80% and 90% of all the counties in America, do this because there is an insurmountable amount of evidence which says that it is incredibly beneficial to our oral health. There are, of course, many who argue that it is not a smart move, but these claims are wrought with discontent for sweeping federal regulations and often lack empirical support. This public health decision was made on behalf of the less fortunate, and was made with the common good in mind.

Whether or not you agree that fluoride should be added to your drinking water, every American should have access to affordable dental plans, and we feel that we can offer many of them the best discount dental plan relative to their situation.

Most (if not all) dental professionals believe that water fluoridation is incredibly beneficial for oral health. Fluoridation is beneficial for oral health because it can reduce cavities in children by 18-40%. Fluoridation is considered one of the greatest public health decisions America has ever made, and has lead to lessening rates of cavities & tooth decay, and the resultant pain and affiliated costs. Fluoride in drinking water, coupled with affordable dental plans, can keep your child’s oral health in good condition now, which will leave them with a healthy smile later in life.

American citizens, on average, consumer more refined sugars than citizens of any other country in the world. This, unfortunately, means that dental professionals are seeing a staggering number of children coming in for visits who need multiple teeth pulled or filled due to tooth decay. By both investing in one of our affordable dental plans and drinking more tap water instead of bottled water, which often filters out fluoride, your child’s oral health and your bank account could be in better shape.


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