Discount Dental Plans Compared With Dental Insurance

Comparison of Plans Shows Discounted Dental Plans On Top

What’s the difference between dental insurance and discount dental plans?

Everyone knows about health insurance. Less familiar are discount health plans, even though Dental Call has offered them since 1993. How do the two types compare?

First, an essential difference: Discounted dental plans like Dental Call are not insurance. They are discounted fees-for-service plans. Think of affordable dental plans as a discount you can receive each time you visit your dentist.

Another key point: For many people, health Insurance is considered a necessary evil, a “must have” that is a hassle to deal with. But insurance is not a necessity because quality care is easily available through discount dental plans.

Affordable dental plans involve less paperwork and hassle than dental insurance. Unlike insurance, discounted dental plans cover all types of services and procedures without requiring high deductibles to be met.

And also unlike insurance, discount dental plans have no annual limits on benefits and no limitations on pre-existing conditions. The plans can be used to fill in the gaps – to pay for what your insurance does not cover.

The difference in costs with or without Dental Call is substantial. Teeth cleanings for an adult cost $50 with Dental Call and double that amount -- $100 – without it, according to a comparison using the New Jersey fee schedule. A full set of dental X-rays cost $45 with Dental Call and $95, or more than twice as much, without it.

Here is a comparison of discount dental and dental insurance plans:


  • Affordable monthly membership fee.
  • Easy enrollment. A quick call gets you on your way.
  • Less paperwork hassle. Just show your membership card at your appointment to receive your discount. No claim forms to bother with.
  • Covers all types of services and procedures.
  • Payment in full for services.
  • No waiting period when you phone Dental Call. Instant activation.
  • No expensive deductibles to meet.
  • No annual limitations on benefits. Discount membership card can be used as often as needed or wanted.
  • No limitations because of pre-existing conditions.
  • Individual, family, group, organization and business memberships available.


  • Costly monthly or annual premiums.
  • Usually need to decipher rules and requirements to enroll.
  • Requires paperwork, filling out claim forms and seeking reimbursement from insurers for services not covered.
  • Does not cover all types of services.
  • Usually does not fully pay for most of the services it covers and there’s always a copayment.
  • Requires waiting periods before insurance takes effect.
  • Requires that rising deductibles be met before you can get benefits.
  • Annual maximum limit on benefits.
  • Limitations on pre-existing conditions.
  • Usually available through employer but not always to individuals or families.

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Legal note: DentalCALL and other DBC plans are not insurance plans.

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