Dental Health Coverage Can Combat Coffee Stains In A Healthy Manner

Affordable Health Coverage Keeps You Guilt-Free While Drinking Coffee

Have you ever noticed that when you leave an old cup of coffee sitting out for too long, the inside of the mug gets stained brown by what you neglected to drink during breakfast or your drive to work? Now, imagine the effect this same coffee you probably drink every day has on your teeth. Your teeth are the gateway to the inside of your mouth, throat and stomach--and while coffee, especially rich, black coffee, tastes pretty good and invigorates your brain for a few hours, it also stains your teeth every time you drink it. Just like your favorite mug that is slowly turning darker and darker on the inside, so too are your teeth being affected by all that coffee you enjoy.

It's probably unrealistic to ask you to give up coffee entirely--many Americans need at least one cup of joe each day to get going with the right amount of energy and enthusiasm. The best way to avoid changing your daily ritual altogether is to get yourself one of the many available dental health plans in your state. Even if you can't afford to pay an expensive insurance company all the various dues and co-pays, there are likely options for affordable health coverage in your area.

Most stains from coffee, and other dark beverages like grape juice and tea, are not intrinsic stains, which are more difficult to remove. The discoloration on your teeth that coffee causes can usually be reversed by a simple whitening technique, provided by the dentist your state's dental health plans cover. When you call your dentist, just ask for a "cosmetic cleaning" and this should help undo the damage your coffee habit has done.

Other ways to avoid having coffee stain your teeth include drinking out of a straw, and brushing your teeth right after you finish drinking that hot coffee. If there's only one way you take your coffee, however, and you're not about to give that up any time soon, look into what sorts of dental health plans are available in your area, and take care of your teeth the tried-and-true way.


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