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Affordable Dental Plans For The Oral Health Of Your Children

Acquiring discount dental care is a necessity if you have children. Children in America need to regularly visit a dental specialist for a couple of reasons. First, it allows you to be proactive with your child’s oral health. This means less pain and cavities for your son or daughter, and money spent on reactionary emergency dental visits. While it is mostly your obligation to take your child to the dentist, it does not necessarily mean that your child should not be well versed in the basic tenets of dental and oral health. The ADA – the American Dental Association – has an exceptional website full of games and applets for children to learn about dental hygiene, and to have fun while they do it.

This website includes animations that teach about the differences between primary teeth, permanent teeth, tooth eruption, and tooth erosion, as well as proper brushing and flossing techniques, periodontal disease, and root canal treatment. There are also two flash games on this website, including ‘Visit the Dentist with Marty’ and ‘To Tell the Tooth’. The former follows Marty as he takes a trip to the dentist with his mother, and it is here that children are introduced to dentist office schemas. The latter, ‘To Tell the Tooth’, is a five round multiple-choice game that teaches children about oral health, the five food groups, the adverse effects of tobacco, drug, and oral ornamentation. Lastly, there are two informative PDF’s, including one that informs children how to become a dental professional, and one dental word search scramble.

It is websites like this, and regular visits to the dentist (provided by you and our discount dental care) that will keep children healthy and pain free. Please take a moment to learn about our affordable dental plans so that you can take your child to a dental professional today.


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