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Here at DentalCall, we provide customers across the nation with affordable dental benefits. We do this because we think dental plans shouldn’t be as painful to acquire as they are, both logistically and monetarily. We thought, if we can make the process of obtaining dental benefits was less complicated, if the price of acquiring coverage was lower, and the price of dental services were slashed significantly, then we ought to make this a reality for as many people as we can. Our discount dental plans in New Jersey, for example, result in more than 50% off comprehensive oral exams, a full set of x-rays, adult cleanings, cavity treatments, full extractions, and even those treatments that require special attention. We mold our affordable dental benefits around your needs and preferences, and once you sign up, you’re immediately covered. That means you can see a Dentist immediately after signing up – there’s no waiting period and no downtime.

There are far too many reasons to find and acquire affordable dental coverage. Our dental benefits eliminate the anxiety of having to go to the dentist, because they drop the cost down significantly, cover more of specific services and less of others (depending on your preference), and match you up with a Dentist from our exceptional network that you feel comfortable and confident working with. This is an exceptional opportunity to do something positive for you and the lives of your family members of coworkers. If you have any questions at all, we cordially invite you to contact one of our customer service representatives at (1-800-525-9313). We pride ourselves on our live customer service staff, trained to walk you along the path to astonishing & affordable dental benefits. Give us a call – let’s start a conversation about your needs today.


Legal note: DentalCALL and other DBC plans are not insurance plans.

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